Electric Vehicles

Lead-Acid Replacement

Hybrid and Plug-ins


Remote power monitoring

     Options: Smart graphics display, uSD data logging.


Centralised system - single wire to each cell **

Based on Linear technology LTC6803 chipset.

Stackable Architecture - each 12 cell board communicates with the next above.

Each board measures up to 12 cells in series. Boards can be daisy chained for larger packs.

Supports Multiple Battery Chemistries and Super-capacitors

Serial Interface Daisy Chains to Adjacent Devices

0.25% Maximum Total Measurement Error

Fast measurement - 13ms to Measure All Cells in a System

Passive Cell Balancing 

Onboard Temperature Sensor and Thermistor Inputs

1MHz Serial Interface with Packet Error Checking

Safe with Random Connection of Cells

Built-In Self Tests, Open-Wire Connection Fault Detection

Built-In Noise Filters (chipset and board)

12μA Standby Mode Supply Current

High EMI Immunity

Can be powered from external supply - enables measurements to 0v

Standby and power off capability.

Small footprint:  Control board can be integrated or separate, enabling stackable small  footprint

        Ideal for electric motorcycles, bikes etc.

      Control board:

Isolated serial data interface - 2.5kV RMS isolation

6 programmable opto-isolated inputs - 3.75kV RMS isolation

8 programmable output drivers

Serial, SPI, I2C interfaces

Current sense input - direct interface with LEM Hall effect transducers.

2 line LCD and Graphics display options

Data logger option.

12v supply. 5v and 3.3v available on board.